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وفد من كلية عمان للإدارة والتكنولوجيا يزور اليرموك

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Oman College of Management and Technology Hussein Al Saleh was welcomed by the President of the University on Oct. 10 where a number of technical and academic issues related to the partnership between the two sides were discussed.

Prof. Kafafi affirmed the keenness of Yarmouk University to develop the academic process at Oman Collage especially after the potential study of decreasing the number of BA teaching hours in line with the laws followed by the Omani Ministry of Higher Education that would lead eventually to an increase in the number of students wishing to study in Oman College.  On the other side, Al-Saleh expressed his appreciation for the efforts of Yarmouk University in supporting Oman College and pointed that they are in the process of developing a number of academic programs.