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وفد بريطاني يزور اليرموك 1

The President met the "Newton-Khalidi Fund" officer Dr. Giathri Warna Suria, and Dr. Fiona Butters from the British Embassy in Amman to discuss procedures for benefitting from the fund grants.

At the meeting, Kafafi focused on the interest of researchers at the university in conducting outstanding research projects supported by various international agencies in different fields of study which would positively reflect on the career and knowledge of researchers. He stated that the cooperation between the university and the Newton-Khalidi Fund would provide an opportunity for researchers in both Jordan and the UK to collaborate in the field of research and joint scientific projects and he pointed to the need of reconsidering the procedures for providing support for Jordanian researchers.

Giathri pointed that the fund is ready to reconsider the procedures of support since she is interested in attracting the largest number of researchers to benefit from grants offered by the fund stressing the importance of benefiting from the expertise of Yarmouk's distinguished researchers in various fields of science. Further, she presented a lecture to a number of faculty staff members about the establishment of the "Newton Fund" pointing that the fund located in Jordan was called "Newton-Khaldi Fund" to celebrate the Jordanian Biochemist Dr. Osama Al-Khalidi. Giathri added that the fund under the supervision of the British Cultural Board and in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education launched a new research link that aims to focus on five areas identified by the Ministry as priorities for long-term sustainable development in Jordan including: water sustainable management, renewable energy, sustainable food production, Biotechnology and Biosecurity, and Nanotechnology. The program supports Jordanian universities and Jordanian researchers through linking them with British partners to provide grants from the "Newton-khalidi Fund".


وفد بريطاني يزور اليرموك 2