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The Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies is pleased to inform you of the approval of Prof. Zeidan Kafafi to reissue Abhath Al-Yarmouk Humanities and Social Sciences Series which has ceased to release since 2011.

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On behalf of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President of the Royal Scientific Society, Prof. Zeidan Kafafi inaugurated Adumantu Journal III conference under the title "Water through the Ages in the Arab World in Light of Archaeological Discoveries" which was organized by AbdulRahman Al-Sudairy Cultural Center in Saudi Arabia. The conference took place in "Jordan Museum" on Oct. 10th and included the presentation of 34 papers.

During the opening ceremony, Kafafi delivered a speech and stated that the oldest human remains in our Arab world go back to more than a million years during which man left cultural and civilizational prints that emphasize the civilized dimension, and pointed out that the Arab world witnessed the beginning of writing and alphabets, the establishment of cities and states, trade, emergence of religions, and the appearance of apostles and prophets. Kafafi added that the conference deals with an important topic; the available water resources in the Arab world in light of archaeological discoveries and the most important world civilizations emerged on the banks of rivers such as the Mesopotamia, Nile, Sindh and King. He finally thanked the officials in AbdulRahman Al-Sudairy Cultural Center for choosing Jordan as the venue for this conference, as well as the scientists in and out of the Arab world.

The President of the Conference, Chairman of the editorial board of Adumantu Journal Dr. Khalil bin Ibrahim Al-Maaqil said that this conference aimed at highlighting the aquatic techniques used by humans throughout ages through archaeological research and identifying the environmental influences that contributed to affect the water resources  through showing examples from archaeological sites, and providing an opportunity to meet with specialists in archaeological and environmental studies, and offering future research depictions. He focused on the universality of the conference since it holds scientists and experts in archaeological studies representing Arab and international universities and institutions in addition to experts from Jordanian and Saudi universities.

The Director of AbdulRahman Al-Sudairy Cultural Center, Hussein bin Ali Al-Khalifa, stated that this scientific forum is in line with the center's objectives, which call for supporting the scientific and cultural movement in addition to research and scientific studies.

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According to QS Global Ranking, Yarmouk University ranked 33 among the best Arab universities and ranked third locally for 2019. This great ranking came from the efforts of all its members to achieve the ambitions that the University seeks to reach.

The university achieved this prestigious rank as a result of meeting the criteria of ranking including academic reputation which constitutes 30% of the evaluation and depends on a questionnaire distributed to international well-known academics and 20% for the criterion of the employment reputation of graduates.

It is noteworthy that 250 Arab universities were evaluated in this ranking, of which 120 universities were selected; University of Jordan ranked 9th, the University of Science and Technology ranked 14th, Yarmouk University ranked 33rd, and the Hashemite University ranked 38th.


The vice president of Yarmouk University for Student Affairs and External communication, Prof. Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq, met a delegation from the University of Manchester which included the vice president of the University for International relations Prof. Stephen Flint and the Coordinator of Research strategies and international cooperation at the University Dr. Shaden Jaradat. Means and ways of enhancing cooperation were discussed between the two sides.

During the meeting, Al-Haq stressed the keenness of Yarmouk University to enhance cooperation and communication with international universities and to send students via scholarships to these universities to pursue their postgraduate studies to qualify them according to the latest scientific and teaching methods which reflects positively on their academic performance after rejoining Yarmouk University. He also expressed the willingness of the University to enhance cooperation with the British University of Manchester in conducting joint scientific research, staff and students exchange, and receiving students from Manchester to learn Arabic in the language center within the Arabic language program for Speakers of other languages, in addition to the possibility of conducting joint international projects in the issues of refugees and displaced persons.

In turn, Flint and Jaradat praised the outstanding scientific reputation of Yarmouk University and its level of  development and modernization, confirming the readiness of the University of Manchester to strengthen cooperation with Yarmouk University through a memorandum of understanding, especially in the fields of scientific research and student exchange in various PhD programs.

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Prof. Zeidan Kafafi welcomed a delegation from the US Embassy in Amman, which included the Cultural Affairs Officer Peter Neisuler Ilschuler, the Counselor for Public Affairs, Adrienne Nutzman, and the Cultural Affairs Specialist, Ruba Hattar on Oct. 13

Kafafi pointed to the cooperation between Yarmouk University and several US Higher Education Institutions which included several research projects and programs of exchange for both students and faculty members. He added that the University is interested in expanding cooperation through scholarships, lectures and workshops on educating students with exchange programs, and study opportunities. He further announced that the university in collaboration with the US embassy intends to hold a corner for the American culture in Al-Hussein bin Talal Library. He also called for attracting US faculty members to teach in the faculties of Yarmouk University.

The delegation members focused on the intention of the US embassy in supporting the cultural and academic exchange programs between various American universities and Yarmouk University and clarified the various grants presented by the embassy and its procedures for setting the US cultural corner. They presented a lecture on the academic and cultural exchange programs dedicated for the students of Yarmouk University in addition to a lecture for the students of English Language and Literature on American literature presented by Peter Neisuler and Ruba Hattar.

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