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The Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies is pleased to welcome all graduate students to the Deanship’s website.

The following links provide access to graduate studies programs, regulations, admission requirements, study plans, forms, key information, and important deadlines that should be observed. We hope that your graduate study experience at Yarmouk will help you optimize your potentials and realize your plans for a better future.

The Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies was established on June 1, 1977 to administer academic research and graduate studies at the university. One of the major goals of the Deanship is to facilitate the development of academic research to keep abreast of accelerating scientific progress and developing society requirements. It also acts as a liaison office between researchers and various university administrative departments in matters related to research projects. The Deanship attempts to simplify administrative procedures for researchers and to remove any obstacles that may impede their work. To achieve this, the Deanship has computerized procedures pertaining to yearly budget and itemized expenditure of each research project.

The Deanship has always worked for fostering cooperation with scientific and academic institutions through strong cooperation with local institutions in the fields of research and exchange of publications and expertise, particularly in research assessment and supervision of graduate studies. The Deanship has the two following councils chaired by the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies:

  • The Academic Research Council.
  • The Graduate Studies Council.

The following three departments facilitate the deanship`s diverse responsibilities:

Department of Scientific Research

This department administers the following responsibilities:

  • Approval of financial expenditures from the funds allocated for research projects and follow up of each project until completion.
  • Subsidizing the publication of books and research articles submitted by faculty members after having been refereed for the purpose of publication.

Department of Publication

This department issues the following international refereed research journals in collaboration with the Scientific Research Fund, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

  • Jordan Journal of Education Sciences (JJES).
  • Jordan Journal of Chemistry (JJC).
  • Jordan Journal of Physics (JJP).
  • Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and literature (JJMLL).
  • Jordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (JJMS).
  • Jordan Journal of the Arts (JJA).

The deanship also issues the refereed journal Abhath al-Yarmouk in two series:

  • "Humanities and Social Sciences".
  • "Basic Sciences and Engineering".

Department of Graduate Studies

This department supervises the implementation of the graduate studies regulations by handling the following tasks:

  • Processing the admission of graduate students in coordination with academic departments, and follow up of their academic progress.
  • Making recommendations to the Deans’ Council for the establishment of new programs in graduate studies.
  • Approval and updating of study plans in light of the recommendations made by academic departments and faculty councils.
  • Supervising financial assistantship available for qualified graduate students. These include teaching and research assistantships, study loans, and financial aids.
  • Proposing draft regulations related to graduate studies.